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Fitness is a huge part of my life. If I’m not training in some way I do not feel like myself. It affects me mentally and physically and it also effects the way I eat. When I am working out my body craves healthier foods. I also do not drink any alcohol on days I train – which is most days if it is up to me. I am constantly trying new workouts as I strongly believe that settling with one type is not ideal for your body.   Plus I get a thrill in being challenged.

Before I say another word I would like to stress that I AM NOT A TRAINER!!! I do not have any credentials what so ever – I am just a normal girl who loves to be strong! I will SHARE with you my experiences and what I like to do, but if anyone feels motivated, please check in with the professionals!


I love having a trainer because keeping your form is KEY. If you lose your form while doing certain exercises, it could mean various things:

  1. You will hurt yourself because you are putting strain on certain muscles and joints that you should not be.
  2. You are lifting too heavy a weight
  3. Your body is starting to hit muscle fatigue


There are plenty of times where my trainer will stop me because my muscles are tired and I start breaking form.  Having that extra set of eyes helps me.

Another thing when it comes to fitness and other people – I don’t care if you’re lifting 2lb weights or 50lb… As long as you are pushing your own body’s limits, whatever they might be and you are up and moving around – I have respect for you. I will NEVER judge someone by how much weight they stack (or don’t). You are not in competition with everyone around you in the gym; you are competing against yourself. Push yourself hard, but listen to your body at the same time. There are some pains that I will push through, and others I will not.

Set goals for yourself. I like to set both short term and long term goals. You feel a sense of pride every time you are able to complete a short term goal, and helps you reach your long term one.   Enjoy these little victories!

If you’re lucky enough, find a fitness buddy! I never had one until my friend Nikole and I signed up for Urban Mudder. You will naturally push each other. Again it does not need to be a competition, it’s more like you have accountability now. You have to show up. If you are working on cardio, and you see the other person running, you will want to keep going too not to let the other down.   Nikole and I encourage each other. I am happy when she succeeds in something, and I’d like to think she feels the same way towards me. So go out there and find your own fitness buddy, even if it is just to go to a zumba class with you!

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