Favorite Fitness Items! (For Women)

Since this weekend is a huge fitness weekend, I decided that I’ll keep the theme and share with you some of my tried and true favorites.  Sorry everyone, this post caters to the ladies!


Panache Ultimate Maximum Support Sports Bra

PRICE: $68.00 (but check for sales!)


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 10.35.11 PM

There is no denying that I have really big boobs.  Like, we’re talking 30GG/32G.  There I said it!  And when friends tell me that they have to layer on bras for their work outs I can’t even fathom what that even feels like!   Since my boobs well exceed the sizes sold at Victoria Secret, I order all my bra’s on-line and several years ago I came across the Panache Ultimate Maximum Support Sports Bra (pictured above).  They have a few different colors by the way!  This bra has served me well in my weight lifting, running, cycling, dancing, horseback riding and even bull riding.  As long as this bad boy is on I completely forget about my boobs.  Any friends who have actually headed my advice on this masterpiece of undergarments have only echoed my sentiments.  I purchase mine through Bare Necessities.



Sculpt Short – by Lululemon

PRICE: $56.00 (but check for sales!  Some colors & limited sizes are now $29.00)


I tested these out when I went on my 2.5 mile run in 93 degree heat.  When you first feel the material you think – super tight and heavy, but don’t be fooled!! As soon as I tried them on, they were extremely comfortable and light.  I wanted to find a good pair of shorts for the Urban Mudder race, and these seem perfect!  They are virtually seamless, and I because they are designed for Yoga, mobility and movement are not restricted in any way.  I’ll be wearing these for all types of work out, not just yoga.  I would just recommend going a size up since the band around your thighs are a little tight.



Headband – by Lululemon

PRICE: $14.00


Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 10.28.19 PM

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these headbands!  I own about 5 of them now.  Lululemon makes a few different kinds, but I like the ones that have the “velvet” straps that are inside, as you can see from the picture above.  These actually stay in place!  And because it’s a material and not that silcon/rubber stuff, it’s does not tug, pull or rip out your hair! Yay!  They might be a little steep for a headband, but they really give you peace of mind as I no longer need to re adjust it each time I finish jump roping! I just love these, and the various colors and patterns make you want to grab a whole bunch to match every work out outfit possible.


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