Food & Supplements Experiment! – WEEK 0

I don’t like the term diet.  To me that means restrictions – lots of them, and if you are anything like me, you don’t like restrictions.  Instead of seeing what you can eat, you tend to focus on what you can’t.  So instead I am going to think of fueling my body, and although there’s a general sense of what we should be eating, each person may require different types of fuel.

Think of it like a car – your fuel is gasoline.  Some vehicles run well on 87 octane, while other vehicles require 89 or 91 octane.  If you put 87 in a car with a high compression engine that recommends 89 or higher, it will still run, but you may hear some knocks and pings and your car won’t perform as well as it should.  And you certainly wouldn’t put regular gas in a vehicle that needs diesel or vice versa.  Then you have race cars…

Don’t cheat your body.  You don’t want the ‘knocks and pings’ just because eating something may be easier or cheaper.

Reading ‘The Hormone Cure’ by Sara Gottfried as put life back into me, and helped me feel like I’m not a lost cause.  I would say I eat relatively healthy, but I might not be eating correctly for myself.  Due to my dietary restrictions, but more so my extreme pickiness (nothing from the sea, nothing eaten directly off of bones, no condiments – BBQ is a sauce in my book!, no dairy, no garlic, no onions, no salad dressing I can’t see through… the list goes ON) I am lacking some essential vitamins and minerals.  I always believed in getting your nutrition mostly from your foods, and not supplements, but sometimes you need a little help.

I’m going to try to be a little bit more healthier or more conscious about what I eat.  I’ve never been a crazy – GO VEGAN! GO ORGANIC! NO GMO’S!!! ALL MY CLOTHES ARE FROM HEMP OR ORGANIC COTTON!!!!  I won’t be going that far, it is not me.  First of all.. I love eating animals too much, BUT  I will make a conscious effort to try to purchase hormone free meat.  As far as organic goes, my beliefs remain the same.  If there’s a thick skin such as bananas, oranges ect, organic is a waste.  But you’re talking strawberries, raspberries, peaches, apples where you eat the skin or the fruit whole, I will try to purchase organic.  As far as GMO’s are concerned… they don’t bother me at all.  And no…. my clothes and bedsheets are not made from hemp.  I’m looking to eat more whole foods, nothing from cans (which I rarely did anyways.)  Try to avoid foods wrapped in plastic, get your meat from the butcher where they wrap it in brown paper.  Apparently a lot of chemicals leach from the plastic into the meat and cause our hormones to be out of wack.  I honestly never thought I’d be one to care so much about this, but since my body is so off, I figured, lets try it and see what happens.


Here’s the list of what I’ll be introducing to my experiment:


  • Vitamin D3 supplements (starting immediately)
  • Flaxseed Oil (Starting immediately – Fish Oil is one of the BEST supplements you can take but I’m so anti seafood I just can’t… I don’t care how top grade, special the pills are, you still had to squueeeeezzzzee and squish it out a disgusting looking bug eyed fish.  Just understand, that if you’re like me or you’re vegan, you have to take A LOT more flax seed oil to equal the same levels of that good stuff fish oil has.  I know it sucks.)
  • Fiber – I got adult gummies (with D3) for this.  Apparently we don’t get enough fiber in our normal diets.  For women, especially those with high estrogen levels, this is key.  You expend the excess estrogen through your poop!  If not, it stays in your system and recycles yourself and you end up with too much estrogen, and viola! You start a hormonal imbalance!  (starting this immediately)
  • Magnesium – this should help with my high cortisol levels (starting immediately)
  • L Thyrosine – This helps with high cortisol (will start this supplement if I need to expand on the Magnesium)
  • Rhodiola/Ginko – Another option for high cortisol (will start this supplement if L Thyrosine has no effect)
  • DIM – Helps with high estrogen (will start 4-6 weeks after I see how I feel with the initial supplements – it has been recommended to get this one from Bio Response)
  • Curcumax Pro – This is pretty much turmeric… but adding Indian food to one of the cuisines I don’t particularly eat, I figured I should get it in capsule form.  This also helps with high estrogen (will start this if I need an extra boost to help lower my estrogen if needed.)

I also purchased bee pollen to put in my smoothies… I remember getting it in some smoothies from this place in Southampton and I liked it.  This is a complete rando addition of my own.  But if you do some research it seems to be beneficial 10 Amazing Benefits of Bee Pollen.  (This link could possibly be pure BS… but I’ll take my chances).

Cutting foods/supplements out is just as important as adding and here’s what I will be reducing or eliminating.

  • Soy – none, or minimal amounts.  For someone with high estrogen levels, this is not something that you want to consume.
  • Dairy – due to my allergy, I can’t really have this either.  Keep in mind, this includes no foods made with butter.  I know when restaurants lie to me because I feel it!  This is something I would LIKE to reintroduce back into my diet at some point for the sheer reason of Ice Cream.
  • Birth Control Pills – I’m going to finish up this last pack, which I’ll be done with in a few days.  I won’t know if everything is working if I’m pumping more unnecessary hormones into my body.
  • Metformin – Diabetes medicine also used to treat PCOS… which I don’t have any cysts.. but I have all the symptoms of PCOS… which can be caused by…. tada!!! hormone imbalance.  I will stop this immediately.
  • Red Meat – I will not eliminate this, but I will lower my consumption to once a week.



So now… the stats!  I’ll try to use this as a comparison to see if there’s any improvement on a week to week basis.  I’ll check in with my progress every Sunday!  We can all laugh at my picture on top.  I’m not comfortable enough to really do the ‘underwear comparison’ picture.  But I was making some work out videos for a friend of mine who I gave a work out routine to.  In the pike video (the picture on the right) I was like.. whoa!  Big Booty!!!  So let’s see if we can shrink my ” ‘Dash” Ass! (‘Dash is short for Kardashian..)

Mood:  Content. Tired. A little jittery, anxious… but that could be me being all excited

Energy Level: Medium… put it this way, when my trainer contacted me that he couldn’t make it today, I wasn’t too upset.

Sleep: Had problems falling asleep last night, mind was racing a mile a minute.  Buck woke up early, had to drag myself out of bed.

Sugar Cravings: Shockingly enough, this diminished DRASTICALLY, where before I would have to worry about what sugar I was going to have for the day.  I got a bag of gummy stuff from Whole Foods a few days ago and I don’t even care to dig into it… I allow myself 2 pieces a day, but to be honest I don’t even want that.

Other Cravings: carb craving lessened as well, but it was there when I was hungrier earlier today.

Other Notables:  Garlic & Onions are still no bueno.

Weight (LBS): 137.6

Waist (Inches): 32″

Hips (Inches): 40 1/4″

Thighs (Inches): 24″



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