The Need To Get Back On Track

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There is no update this week.  Mostly because I’m too scared to see as I pretty much went off the deep end this past weekend.  It was one of my best friend’s bachelorette party in Chicago and within the 36 or so hours I was there, I did some serious damage. (But as you can tell from the picture… it was loads of fun!!! )

I left my thyroid meds at home, so there were 2 days I didn’t take that.  My probiotic and flaxseed needs to be refrigerated so I didn’t take that on purpose.  All my other supplement, I was busy and having so much fun… that those went out the window.  To make it worse, I pretty much spent the entire time eating a block of cheese…. started with pizza with a creamy cheese appetizer, gelato and then the 4am mozzarella stick binge Saturday night.

The positive is that there was no rash, and I did not feel sick.  However by the time I got off the plane back in New York, I felt like I blew up like a balloon.  No wait.  I DID blow up!  I was as bloated as can be.  When I got back I stopped into Orange Theory Fitness because of how gross I felt.  I guess I took the whole cheese/dairy thing to the extreme – something I won’t be doing for a while or ever again!

I was thinking how I really need to do another cleanse, when I got an e-mail from Blue Print of a special discount their having.  I like to do a juice cleanse once or twice a year when I feel like my eating habits are getting out of control.  It helps kick my body back in gear and helps recharge my body and digestive systems.  It also helps kicks my carb addition if it gets out of hand.  The only thing about juicing, is that I can’t really work out because I don’t have enough energy – especially on heavy weight days.  Perhaps I’ll just focus on cardio for the 3 juice days. (Although with full disclosure, I usually last 2 days and cheat on the 3rd because I get tired of the juices)

I know… this is bad… I should take my weight and measurements regardless… But I’d rather just kick my ass back in gear and check in end of the week where I’m not traveling and I can get back into my routine!!!

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