The Self Entitled, Obnoxious Experiment

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During a road trip back in college, a friend asked me what I thought my biggest flaw was.  My response was that I’m too nice.  A bit perplexed he questioned why I thought that was a flaw.  I proceeded to tell him how people often try to take advantage of my niceness and often perceive me as weak because of it.

Earlier today I was chatting with some friends in the dog park laughing about the stupid, crazy stuff that happens to me – particularly my restaurant experiences (see Please Wait (Forever) To Be Seated ).  Later in the day it was still on my mind, and I began to wonder if this “nice” vibe I apparently give out really affects the way people interact with me.  So I feel like doing an experiment where I go through one day as myself and take note on how I’m treated.  Then I’ll go through the same routine (although maybe different restaurants/stores) decked to the nines, super high fashion.  I’ll refuse to take my sunglasses off and act as if you should be honored that I’m gracing your presence.

I’m not used to acting self entitled…. so I’m glad I have some acting skills under my belt.  I’ll just have to channel my inner diva.

Stay tuned…. this should be fun…

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