When A Horror Movie Becomes Real

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The movie “Unfriended” got my attention, as I was curious to see how they were able to essentially make a feature length movie that solely takes place on Skype/Computer screen.  I was visiting my parents, so I asked my dad if he wanted to watch it with me.  Now here’s the thing with my family and horror movies – particularly when my dad gets involved.  At some point – usually after the movie has ended, the pranks start… I remember my dad did something to me after watching “The Ring”.  After scaring me, I got revenge when I grabbed my mom’s old 3 1/2ft tall Patty Play Pal, and dressed it up with my long black wig, placing the doll by my sleeping dad…. (his scream was awesome!)

We’re watching, and there’s this buzzing going off like a cell phone vibrating, so I’m checking my phone and my dad is laughing at me because we both realize it was from the movie.  So the characters are all dying off, blah blah blah, horror slasher movie stuff, screaming crying girls – the usual.  There was one character – Jess, and the SPLIT second she died my phone went off…. Not only did it go off, but it was FACE TIMING ME!  And to make matters worse – it was a “Schwartz” face timing me… The following conversation ensues between me and my dad (movie has been paused)

Me:  Dad!  Why are you face timing me?

Dad:  I’m not doing anything… I think you’re doing it…

Me:  No!  How can I call myself?  Seriously, is this you?

Dad:  I swear it’s not me… here look at my phone (it’s not calling me, and my phone is still ringing)

Me:  What the heck!? Do you think this is Grandma & Poppy? It shouldn’t come up with this name if they call    though..

Dad:  I have no clue….

<Missed facetime call>

Me:  Should I call back?  <pause>  <calls back>

a little boy answers the phone

Boy:  Aunt Jess is that you?!

My dad and I glace at each other horrified


Boy hangs up

At this point my dad and I are completely freaked out.  Maybe I’m not super hip, but I rarely ever use Facetime.  And when I do it’s per-arranged… So to get a Facetime call out of the blue, at that VERY particular moment… only to be made even freakier by the fact that this boy was asking for “Aunt Jess”  as the last frame of Jess’s murder with a pipe shoved down her throat is frozen on my TV screen.  It left us with a very uneasy feeling to say the least….

The verdict – the movie wasn’t so scary, but when unexpected and insane timing occurs, it can quickly turn into something terrifying!

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