Making progress….

This is me thinking that 225 lbs was going to be my max until I was able to pop out another.  I could have lifted it off the ground a 3rd time, but I knew that my form would suffer at the top so I kept it at 2.  (Surprised my trainer with that!) Anyways, I’m pretty excited about this… which just makes me say – let’s get to 300 lb!!!



Here I am messing around with some kettle bells.  The heaviest one in my gym is 50 lbs.  I’ve been doing 2 handed kettle bell swings with those (gradual build up).  My friend Nik invited me to this awesome event that her yoga place (Earth Yoga) was doing with a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) place located in the same building (TS Fitness).  It was 45 min of HIIT and then 45 minutes of Hot Yoga with a goodie bag and all sorts of great stuff.  Anyways, at the end of the event I noticed that TS Fitness had kettle bells that went up to 75 I believe… So I was curious. I lost my footing on the first one (which happens sometimes when I’m a bit tired) But I easily could have popped out 10 of these at a 65lb weight.  I wanted to try the 70, but everyone was starting to walk back into the room.



So, revising my goals since 225 lbs was one, I think realistically I might be able to hit 275 lbs by February.  We think my max rep is around 250 lbs right now – keep in mind I don’t train to power lift, I just train to be fit.  I usually work on 8-10 reps depending, we just like to check in on my max rep from time to time.  And now I’m dying to try 75 lbs kettle bell swings…


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