What Would You Miss?

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The lease has been signed, and now comes the fun part – cleaning and packing!

I’m not going to lie, finding a reputable mover to help take my stuff across country has been the most stressful part so far. I’ve received quotes ranging anywhere from $1,400 to $7,600!!!  Which is completely and utterly ridiculous!  I’m not moving a house!  I’m not even moving all my furniture from a NYC 1 bedroom apartment.  I have several more companies (thanks to friends and recommendations) to call and get this figured out.

I have a few things I’m looking to sell, which I placed on some apps hoping to clear out some stuff. (But if you’re interested let me know!)  Other than that, I got boxes and I’m ready to start packing everything up.

Of course there will be things that I miss about NYC – it is a unique place and the ultimate definition of what a “city” is. SO I figured I’d honor them here:

1) Veselka – mmm boiled potato pierogies  available 24/7

2) THE NEW YORK ISLANDERS – I’m a true Islander at heart and now that they’ve moved CLOSER to me in Brooklyn… I’m leaving… hmph…

3) Chinese food (Korean BBQ)/bagels/pizza – This could be proven wrong.. but I find it hard to believe that Austin can beat NYC in these categories (Dallas does have an incredible chinese restaurant – so there is hope!)

4) My apartment Building – I will miss the doorman/maintenance staff! I will also severely miss my floor.  All 8 apartments really get along very well, and it’s not unusual to find us chilling out talking in the hallways with our dogs and kids.

5) 24/7 – A lot of things or open super late in NYC – this includes stores, and being able to find a duffle bag at 11p when you realize you don’t have anything to pack your stuff into when you’re flying to FL in 6 hours.

6) The World Trade Center – Every time I step outside my building, I have the most incredible view of the World Trade Center.  I have never taken that for granted, and it serves as a special reminder everyday.

7) wide variety of activities – OK… I’m sure Austin has a bunch of unique things to do, but I love finding NYC’s speakeasies, or shows that are like Magic Mike meets Whose Line Is It Anyway?

8) Friends and family – I’ve spent half of last year in Long Island with my parents, so it will be weird not having them a relatively quick train ride, or a drive away.  And my friends whether it be from school the dog park or work!!


Ok… I’m tapped out… That’s it. lol. Thanks NYC for everything!

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