The 30 Day Make Up Challenge!

Through some accidental clicks on Instagram, I came across this hashtag – #30daymakeupchallenge and it immediately peaked my interest.  I dove deeper and found this:

30 Day Make Up Challenge

30 Day Make Up Challenge


So here I am, publicly committing to do this challenge and I figured, lets just start today.  There will be no filters, no retouches or anything.  If I look absolutely insane (which I’m sure I will from time to time…) you guys will see it for all it’s craziness.  I urge you guys to do this with me and post your pictures in the comments!  This is all in the name of fun and creativity!!



Day 1 - Bare Face

Day 1 – Bare Face

Products Used:        Me.

Tomorrow is Day 2….. Everyday make up

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