Acro Yoga!

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Back in New York, Nikole would always find these acrobatic yoga things on instagram and show them to me.  We both were like – we will need to do this one day!  Then I moved without us trying all this fun stuff – and probably for the better since we would have no clue what we were doing.  After the move, I would check to see what sort of things were out there and Acro Yoga popped up,  I was like SIGN ME UP!

I have found a fellow acro newbie Janel,  who is willing to trust me with her life as I balance her on one foot (Nik has been slow on the move to Austin… Still working on her).  There’s a lot of trust and a ton of body awareness and partner connection.  You have to start moving and isolating different parts of your body that reminds me of lot of dancing.  Only you have much less room for error since you’re pretty much always balancing on someone else.  It’s super challenging and lot to learn, and that’s why I love it so much.  I’m a big fan of basing, which works well when your friend is a flyer!  I fly too, but for some reason most of my pics are of me basing – both are fun and have their challenges!



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