7 Days of Yoga

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** Starting with a quick plea to fellow yogi’s with big boobs…. HOW do you do certain poses (ie plow pose) without suffocating yourself with your boobs!?  Please share your tips and tricks with me in the comments!!**

Mentally I was gun ho about getting back into shape and into my physical groove.  Then something happened last week that was really inspired me, and gave me the idea to do a Jos body experiment.  7 days straight of Yoga.  The #1 rule being that I was not allowed to do any other form of exercise.  This was incredibly difficult for me constantly walking past all the weights, but I was determined.

My week looked like this: 3 classes of hot yoga, Restorative yoga, Yoga Roots, Dharma and capping the week off with a hot yoga class.

My least favorite was the Dharma class.  It was too far out of my comfort zone with the  grunting loudly and the flow of the poses.  The roots class was great for perfecting the basics.  I think I legit passed out and started snoring in the restorative yoga class, which was a welcomed “rest” day for me… but shockingly enough, I enjoyed the hot yoga classes the most.

So the most important question:  How do I feel after a week of yoga?!

The Good:  I feel fantastic!  It’s not a HUGE change, but my flexibility has noticeably improved by the end of the week.  I’ve also learned that I am more flexible in different areas than I originally thought I was.  The biggest difference is the tension in my back, neck and shoulders.  I feel like I can breathe easier and my posture is better.  This in itself is an incredible feeling.  It is forcing me to focus on my breathing, which will always be a work in progress for me.  I have a tendency to hold my breathe when training  and hopefully yoga will help teach me to be more aware of my breathing and the best way to utilize my breath.

The Bad: Some old injuries started creeping back up.  My elbow started hurting again, and a yogi friend of mine reminded me to make sure that I don’t lock my elbows and knees, so I became super vigilant of that for the last few days.  Thankfully it did start to get better.  MY PALM!  Towards the end of the week I would get a shooting pain in my left palm when I would apply pressure moving through certain poses.   This is also the hand I had surgery on, and I wonder if that has something to do with that.  My hips would also lock up on occasion (as they are super tight) and I would have to break out of poses or modify.  I know that will lessen in time the more I continue my practice.

This is just the beginning, and I’m really looking forward to creating a strong balance between weight lifting and yoga.  I am curious to see how this will affect my gains and recovery.  The trickiest part will be figuring out how the heck to keep this up with my work schedule. My next job starts tomorrow and shoots throughout the weekend, so I will probably miss yoga this week.

My goal is to do a 3/1 week – 3 weeks of weight/plyo metric training to 1 week of yoga. Ideally I would still take 2 classes of yoga on the lifting weeks, and train heavy for 3 days.  For my yoga week, I will cut down  to 4-5 classes a week.  7 days in a row got a little tiring on my arms and shoulders.  Even my core was fatiguing faster than normal!

I’m super intrigued to see how this works out for my body! I will keep y’all updated on my progress!

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